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Mobile Phones & MP3 Players

Policy for the Use of Mobile Phones, Portable Computer Games, MP3 Players/iPods, Cameras and Similar Devices by Students

The range of technology available today including mobile telephones, pagers, digital cameras, portable CD and MP3 players/iPods, personal digital assistants and other similar devices. When these technologies are misused by students they can be very disruptive to teaching and learning and in some cases cause harm.

Gorokan High School acknowledges that students may need to be in possession of a mobile telephone at school for reasons relating to their safety in travelling to and from school. There is, however, no reason for students to have phones switched on during class time.

Emergency Contact 

  • If a parent or caregiver needs to contact a student at school as a result of an emergency, they are required to call the school's main office and a message will be sent immediately to the student.
  • If a student needs to make emergency contact with anyone they can do so through school's main office.

When students bring a mobile telephone, portable computer game, MP3 player/iPod, camera and similar devices to school we require:

Student Responsibilities

  1. The student must take full responsibility for these devices. The school or staff will not be responsible for their loss, theft or damage. Students who bring them to school do so at their own risk.
  2. Students will use their mobile phone in a way which reflects the core values being taught in schools, including the values of respect, responsibility, care and fairness.
  3. Students must not use mobile telephones or other devices in class. This disrupts the learning environment. Such activities may incur disciplinary action including suspension.
  4. Students must cooperate in handing the phone or other device to the teacher or Deputy Principal when requested. Refusal to do so will be treated as defiance and may result in suspension from school.
  5. Students must not use mobile telephones or other devices to threaten, bully, intimidate or otherwise harass other people through any SMS or text message, photographic, video or other data transfer system available on the telephone or for any illegal activity. Such activities may incur disciplinary action including suspension.
  6. Under no circumstances will inappropriate use of mobile telephones with cameras be tolerated. Students found to be using any camera contrary to this acceptable use policy will be dealt with under the school discipline policy.  Disciplinary action will be taken in all cases.

Improper use of mobile telephones or other electronic devices may result in:

  • Confiscation of the mobile telephone or other electronic device until such time as a parent or caregiver is able to attend school to collect the device
  • Lunch or after-school detention or other appropriate disciplinary measures outlined in our school's disciplinary policy
  • The students being required to hand in his/her mobile telephone or other electronic device at the beginning of the school day for collection when the student goes home.
  • Suspension in cases where students have bullied, threatened or harassed other students or staff via the mobile phone or other personal communication device, or where the device has been used to take photographs or to display inappropriate material.

Phones, Ipods/MP3 Players/Other Devices 

Three Strikes Policy

  • Students are not to have phones, iPods/mp3 players or other devices in class. This includes wearing ear pieces. Teachers will send an offending student to the Deputy Principal with the phone/device to be retained by the Deputy Principal until 2.35pm. The student may collect it after school.

  • If the Deputy Principal notes that this is the second occasion of phone/device misconduct a warning letter may be sent to the parent and the student may be placed on lunch detention.

  • If a third offence takes place the phone/device will be retained by the school and the parent invited to an interview to collect it and to discuss the student's non-compliance.
  • If a student refuses to cooperate in handing the phone to the Deputy Principal it will be considered as defiance and may result in suspension from school.


This policy has the support of the school parent community through the endorsement of the Gorokan High School Parents and Citizens Association