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Parent & Student Portal

Sentral Portal Login

Sentral Portal

Parents are required to register. Please see below for instructions.
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Sentral Help Link

Sentral Help

Click here for a 3 minute video on how to register.
Getting started

The Sentral Parent Portal is an online resource for parents/carers and students to access information about:

  • Student attendance - attendance history, class attendance percentages and explained/unexplained absences.
  • Student school records - NAPLAN data, continuum tracking and reading records (parents only).
  • Student reports - self assessments, academic results and teacher comments.
  • Class homework and messages - the teacher can broadcast messages and set homework online.
  • Students can create a personal journal.
  • Student daily timetable. 
  • Parent teacher interview bookings when open (parents only).

Instructions for parents

Parents/carers are required to create their own login credentials.

  1. Register with an email address at:  
  2. Contact the school on 4393 7000 to confirm your registration and receive your Access Key.
  3. Log in to the portal using your email address and password at:  
  4. Click Add Access Key.
  5. Enter the access key exactly as given (case sensitive) and click Add Key.

Instructions for students

  1. Log in to the GHS Portal: gorokan-h.sentral.com.au/portal/login
  2. Use your DEC ID (internet name and password)