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Parent & Student Portal

Gorokan High School presents, GHS Parent and Student Portal.

A new online resource for parents and students to access 

  * Student Attendance - Attendance history, class attendance percentages and explained / un-explained absences.
  * Student School Records - NAPLAN data, continuum tracking and reading records - Parents only.
  * Student Reports - Self assessments, academic results and teacher comments.
  * Class Homework & Messages - The teacher can broadcast messages and set homework online to the class.
  * Register for school activities such as subjects, sports and excursions.
  * Students can create a personal journal.
  * Student daily timetable. 

For Parents to access GHS Parent Portal it requires registration.

You must,

1. Register with an email address here: 


2. Contact the school, confirm your registration and receive your Family Access Key.

3. Login to the portal: 

     (Using your email address and password)

4. Click "Add Student or Family Access Key".

5. Enter the access code exactly as given and click "Add Key"

For Students to access GHS Student Portal 

You must,

1. Logon to the GHS Portal here: http://web1.gorokan-h.schools.nsw.edu.au/portal

2. Use your DEC ID (internet name and password).

The GHS Parent Portal will become more significant in your day to day management of your child's enrolment at Gorokan High School

We are confident that you will see the benefits of your registration immediately and we encourage your participation in this new initiative.

Thank you.