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The Hub

At Gorokan High School we are focussed on creating a safe, inclusive and connected school community. Our Wellbeing Hub, will act as a platform for our community to access to a variety of resources that support the learning and promote wellbeing for parents, students and community members. 

We have also created a space to support our community throughout the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Support our students and parents during our transition to Online Learning and the COVID-19 crisis

Online Resources

If you are in need of support, the following services are taking referrals during the health crisis:



Family Referral Service

Uniting Burnside RAPT

Fact sheets

Tips for coping with COVID-19 anxiety

The importance of wellbeing for our Learning Community

Staying mentally well during uncertain times

Maintaining your mental health during Social Isolation

Headspace - How to cope with COVID-19 related stress

Wellbeing Programs

GHS Anti Bullying plan

Please see Rules and Policies 

For more information please click on the appropriate year group below: 

Year 7 - 9  Wellbeing programs

Year 7

Year 8  For more details regarding this program please download our document (622KB) 

Year 9 

Year 10 - 12 Wellbeing programs

Year 11

Year 12 For more details regarding this program please download our document (849KB)